7.1 - Xcode runner build step from non version controlled workspace?


I've been previously using commandline xcodebuild for all of my Mac/iOS specific compiler steps, and have noticed the xcode runner comes bundled with 7.1.

I plan to make a move to this, but have stumbled across a small problem.
It appears that the build step setup page requests a path to the workspace in SVN, and uses this to open up the scheme options when it's parsed that workspace.
Unfortunately, we auto-generate our workspaces/solutions every time we build, and don't keep them under source control, as the sheer amount of solutions/workspaces we would have makes this impossible to maintain.

Is there any option to assume the user knows what they're doing, and unlock all scheme options, so I can fill in the known values from my previous working xcodebuild commandline steps?


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