Git and Pre-Tested Commits, Branch Remote Run Trigger

From the documentation it looks to me like having a branch remote run trigger is the closest thing I can get to pre-tested commits using Git and TeamCity.

I have a build configuration with a Git VCS root attached. I've also added the branch remote run trigger with the default pattern "refs/heads/remote-run/*". Now I do this:

% cd <your local git repo>

% git branch

* master

% git checkout -b my_feature

Switched to a new branch 'my_feature'

//code, commit; code, commit

% git push origin +HEAD:remote-run/my_feature

But it doesn't work. No build is being triggered.

I've also read that if I got it to work and the build succeeds, it won't be merged back into master. Is this something I can set up using TeamCity? What's the closest to gated check-ins I can get using TeamCity? If I can't get this to work, I'll have to choose another product :(


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