Upgrade to TC 7.1 and at the same time move to new HW


We are planning the upgrade of our Production TC Server from version 6.5.5 to 7.1.
At the same time we want to move to a different HW.
The plan is:
1. Have a backup of our current production Server  6.5.5. Backup collected via GUI.

2. Deploy TC 7.1 to a new server.
3. Restore the collected backup to TC 7.1.

From what I read, there is no problem in restoring backups created with  TeamCity 6.0 or later when restored by a more recent TeamCity version.
Please verify that this is an acceptable upgrade procedure.


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Any comment on this?

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I would get the 6.5.5 server up and running on the new hardware and then do the upgrade to 7.1. I'm not sure that restoring a 6.5 backup to a new 7.1 instance will work, upgrading TeamCity usually changes the database schema.


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Thanks Rod, I ve tested the procedure I am mentioning and the data upgrade seems ok. We ll go for it. Thanks for your reply.


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