SVN checkout on server ignores explicit svn:externals revision


I have TC 7.0.4. My SVN repository is something like this:


     [... other folders... ]

          externlib1/ => external link to another repository

The way I link the extern repository is with svn:externals, like this:

$ svn propget svn:externals
https://myrepo/externlib1/trunk@1005 externlib1

I.e. I want to link with a certain revision of the repository, which I want to be able to control.

Unfortunately, when I configure this repository in TeamCity (checkout on server, full support i.e. load changes and checkout) and have an agent build the code, the externlib1 folder is not at revision 1005, but at the latest revision of the externlib1 repository.

There is another way to specify svn:externals with a certain revision:

$ svn propget svn:externals
externlib1 -r 1005 https://myrepo/externlib1/trunk

The problem persists with this way of specifying the revision, too.

Is this a known issue? Can you check it out?


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Any thoughts on this? :)


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