certain web ui URLs slow after upgrade to 7.1 AND move to MySQL db

I recently upgraded us from 7.0.something to 7.1 then moved our db from the internal HSQL to MySQL.  Now I'm getting reports that certain URLs are slow - very slow - to render.  URLs that look like:


I suspectd the problem is the DB move as it was internal and is now on an RDS instance in AWS.  The TC server is on a machine in our colo so not "close" to the DB server now.

How can I ascertain what's causing the slowdown?


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I decided to try moving the db from RDS to a MySQL instance running on the TC server and it's back to being snappy again.

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Hi Jerry,

After this change, you confirm your server's performance is comeback normal?
Actually, I have the same problem than you.

Is there some implications to change the database format? any cons?

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Yes, after moving the db to a MySQL instance running on the same machine as the TC server, perf is back to "normal".  Or at least the complaints stopped :)  I suspect the issue was just latency between our colo and AWS.


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