TeamCity: how to attach dotcover to Rake build configuration ?

I'm using Rake for my build process. I wanted to take advantage of included dotcover in TeamCity 6. I read tutorial from Hadi Hariri ( but it shows how to do this with MSBuild, not Rake.

When you choose RunnerType: MSbuild, you have the ".net coverage tool" option available at the bottom. However, when you choose Rake, you don't have this at all.

Do I need to create a custom msbuild file to run coverage ? Or are there any tricks that would allow me to just keep additional task in my single rake file ?

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It's possible using service messages. Take a look at Manually Configuring Reporting Coverage page.


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I'm using TeamCity 7.1 and I have a similar problem. Our unit tests run via Gallio in an MSBuild target that contains a <Gallio> task. The article you linked seems to suggest that I need to just issue a TC service message to get dotCover to kick in on the Gallio host process? I couldn't get that to work, and I think I'm misunderstanding how this feature operates. The only way I've been able to get coverage is to configure a build step with the "NUnit" runner type, and even then I can't get the TC NUnit runner to recognize an NUnit addin we need:

How do we get the bundled dotcover to monitor an arbitrary MSBuild target or task?

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