Service messages not recognized? (2)


I havea problem where i want to add a new build failure condition.   I can see the metric, but when i try to add it, the error code i get is this:
'Cannot calculate build metric for key 'warnings' - no metric provider found'

I expect this is somehow related to service messages being not recognized from my build log.

Here is the output from my build.log file, where I can clearly see my service message:

[16:47:50][MvcBuildViews] AspNetCompiler (42s)

[16:47:50][AspNetCompiler]  C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_compiler.exe -v  temp -p  C:\BuildAgent\work\2d47f326f526c2a1\build\web\_PublishedWebsites\IntelliFlo.PFP.Web

[16:48:33][master.proj.teamcity] CountWarnings

[16:48:33][CountWarnings] ##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='warnings' value='1']

[16:48:33][master.proj.teamcity] Publish (38s)

[16:48:33][Publish] Beginning publish using Zip task...

[16:48:33][Publish] MakeDir

[16:48:33][MakeDir] Creating directory "C:\BuildAgent\work\2d47f326f526c2a1\dist".

[16:48:33][Publish] Zip (6s)

[16:48:33][Zip] Creating zip file "C:\BuildAgent\work\2d47f326f526c2a1\dist\".

A similar issue was raised here:

Could anyone suggest what I should double check in my setup, or what might cause service messags to not be recognized from TeamCity


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Hi Darius

I cannot reproduce that so far.

Which TeamCity version do you use?
How the metric is declared in main-config.xml?

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Version: TeamCity Enterprise 7.0.2 (build 21349)

metric declaration -


    <statisticValue key="
" description="Number of CS warnings in PFP"/>


Is there any way to turn on / off service message processing?

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Any idea what 'Cannot calculate build metric for key 'warnings' - no metric provider found' means?  Does it mean that the service message is not picked up by TC, or is it related to something else?



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