error restoring teamcity

D:\TeamCity\bin>maintainDB restore -F D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer\backup\Team -A D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer\ -T D:\TeamCit
Java executable is found: 'D:\TeamCity\jre\bin\java.exe'.
TeamCity maintenance tool. Copyright 2011 JetBrains s.r.o. All Rights Reserved.

Command line arguments: restore -F D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer\backup\TeamCit -A D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer\ -T D:\TeamCityCo
Using TeamCity data directory: D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer
Restoring from backup file: D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer\backup\TeamCity_Backu
Backup created by TeamCity version:
        Version: 7.0.2
        Build number: 21349
        Data format version: 514
Using explicitly specified target database settings: D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildSer
Cannot proceed with 'restore' command: Could not read file D:\TeamCityConfig\.Bu
ildServer\config: D:\TeamCityConfig\.BuildServer\config (Access is denied)
Critical error has occurred during command execution.

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Probably my reply is too late, sorry for that. But anyway.

It looks you're trying to perform backup restore to HSQLDB. We strongly recommend to switch to another database for your production TeamCity instance. HSQLDB is fine for evaluation, and requires no configuration. But later you may meet performance and data corruption issues.

Answering the question directly. In -T option you need to specify a path to file, not to config directory. You can find it within the backup archive file.


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