VCS Labelling a successful build with TeamCity 7.1 and Mercurial 2.3.1

I have setup a TeamCity configuration to label on success of a build, however I never see the tag created in the mercurial repository.

The vcs logs show the below errors, basically stating that the version being tagged is not the tip revision.

jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Error output produced by: D:\Python27\Scripts\hg.bat tag --user "BuildServer <>" -r dd64f8cd64d3 
jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - abort: not at a branch head (use -f to force)

My repository is very busy with many developers committing so that by the time the tag is done the revision that is being built is almost certainly not going to be the tip revision anymore, is there a way to force the hg plugin to use the tag -f (force flag) so that the tag can succeed?
This is pretty urgent for me to solve and I would really appreciate any advice.


Eugene Duvenage

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