Publishing Artifacts: Failed to Upload Artifacts

I am trying to get a build configuration to publish artifacts to be used in another build configuraion.
The problem is I keep getting an IOException when publish happens.

My current artifact paths are:**/*.dll =>

The build log is showing:

[11:07:01]Publishing artifacts
[11:07:01][Publishing artifacts] Collecting files to publish: [C:\BuildAgent3\work\e51f6e7520843b52/Source/Common.Infrastructure/bin/**/*.dll => C:\BuildAgent3\work\e51f6e7520843b52/Artifacts/bin]
[11:07:01][Publishing artifacts] Sending Source/Common.Infrastructure/bin/**/*.dll
[11:07:01][Publishing artifacts] Failed to publish artifacts. Failed to upload artifact, due to error: Failed to create directory: "C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity\system\artifacts\Common\Master Check In Build\336\C:\BuildAgent3\work\e51f6e7520843b52\Artifacts\bin\Release"
[11:07:01][Publishing artifacts] [Artifacts publishing failed] {build.status.text}
[11:07:01]Build finished

Notice that the artifact is trying to create the C:\ProgramData folder. Should it not be creating the folder instead?
I have given write permissions to the user that TC runs under full control to the C:\ProgramData folder and still nothing.

What I want to do is have all the *.dlls placed in the Artifact/bin folder.

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Think I finally got this working.
I changed my Artifact Paths to:

Source/Common.*/bin/**/*.dll => Artifacts
Source/Common.*/*.nuspec => Artifacts

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Joe, please note that destination directory layout is relative to TeamCity internal artifact storage. There is no point in using absolute destinations for artifacts.


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