Continuous Intergration never gets passed SVN export

Hello, We are standing up a brand new teamcity server running the new version TC 7 on a windows 2008 server.  Our old server (2k3 server) we are trying to decommission is running 4 and  everything is working fine just old hardware and software.  Since i inhertted this server Im very new to Teamcity and only kinda know by dorking around with the program.   Anyway we are having issues with our Continous intergration build with the SVN export.  The issue is when we start the build it gets to Exporting to SVN but it doesn't do anything else..  It will just keep on chugging for days and days without no timeout or error.     The Command it is trying to run is as follows:     "svn export -r HEAD http://svnserver:90/repos/acesdev/branches/aces.nst.4.2 C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\export\aces3.0 --force"

If i manually take the command and put it in the command line everything works as normal it connects to SVN and exports files.   Why it cannot do it within teamcity i dont know.
We have another project for all final builds and works normally.   So Its not some connection or authenctication issue with svn.   The logs are pretty much useless as there is no error being thrown or timing out.    I just find it weird becuase the other server works fine and the only difference between the servers is a newer version of teamcity and Subversion.    JDK and jboss are the exactly the same.

Im sure its something simple but i have tried everything i can think of from reinstalling java, jboss, SVN, and trying different configuration changes within teamcity.  Thanks for your help.


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