Cleanup repeatedly cleaning same artifact directory

We are seeing our TC cleanup take between 2-3 hours each day. We have it scheduled to run at midnight UK time. However this is not good enough as our build server is used globally by teams in London, New York and Hong Kong.
Looking at the TC logs 90% of this time is taken cleaning artifact directories. To try and remediate this we are currently working on reducing the size of our produced artifacts.
I have noticed in the TC logs that the same artifact directory is being cleaned on successive days. Is this correct behavior ? Surely once the directory has been cleaned once it should not need to be cleaned on subsequent clean up runs.
Example taken from our logs below :
[2012-09-19 02:06:39,511]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Cleaning artifacts directory: /u/teamcity/server/system/artifacts/Our project/Our build configuration/97220
[2012-09-20 02:02:35,101]   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.CLEANUP -     Cleaning artifacts directory: /u/teamcity/server/system/artifacts/Our project/Our build configuration/97220
As you can see from the logs this same directory was cleaned by the cleanup running on successive days. I am seeing this for many of our builds.

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