Unable to access webserver after 7.1 upgrade

Hello, I just upgraded TeamCity from version 7.0.x this morning to 7.1.  I did this while remotely connected to the server machine.  Everything appeared to be all up and going.  I could bring up the website, and browse our projects, and could see everything was working ok.

But when I try to access the website in a browser on my own machine, I get no response whatsoever.  It just times out.  A colleague has the same results.

If I get back remotely onto the server, the website is still running just fine.

I can ping the server, so something is accessible.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Seems I'm not the only one this has happened to...


If I didn't know any better, I'd swear I wrote it.

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What turned out to be the cause had nothing to do w/ the TeamCity upgrade.

It turns out our system administrators had setup a policy update to block all incoming connections other than port 80.

When I started my upgrade, I noticed the server wanted to do some system updates.  So I let that go first.
I suspect that had I tried to access the TeamCity server after the system update, I'd have realized I could no longer access the website remotely.

But since I only noticed it after the TeamCity update, I assumed it to be the culprit and wasted a bunch of time on that red herring.

The solution for me was to

  1. Open Windows Firewall on the server
  2. Click on the root level option in the left-hand pane
  3. Make sure under each of the profile sections, that inbound connections are allowed.

(#3) was my problem.

Hope this helps someone else out in the future...


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