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I have a question regarding artifact dependency in Teamcity within a Maven project. Say I have a project with multiple modules:

- A
- B
- C

Module C is basically a test module that runs integration test by running module A & B in Jetty. I have set up a Teamcity build configuration (lets call it "buildOne") that builds module A & B.
Now I want to have another build configuration that is triggered when "buildOne" is ran successfully. But, I dont want to necessarily build all the artifacts again. I want to grab the artifacts from "buildOne". Is this doable with the "artifact dependency" feature in Teamcity, given module C is a Maven module? My understanding is the "artifact dependency" feature in Teamcity is not suitable for Maven project, where the dependencies are grabbed from Maven repository, not from a local disk (artifact from other build).

Thanks a lot for the help!



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Indeed, if module C has maven dependencies on modules A and B, Teamcity artifact dependencies are of little help.

To re-use maven artifacts built by "buildOne" (obviously, "buildOne" will have to deploy snapshot versions of modules A and B), you can use "Maven Snapshot Dependency Trigger" feature.
Just add the trigger to configuration that runs module C build, and it will be started each time the artifacts are updated.

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Thats what I thought. :) Thanks a lot for the clarification!


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