NUnit tests with parameters are ignored

I have a bunch of NUnit test methods with parameters marked by Values attribute.  These test methods are ignored by Teamcity with message: "Method <SomeTestMethodName>'s signature is not correct: it must not have parameters."

For example, this test method

    public void TestMethod([Values(true, false)] bool parameter)
        // testing code

gets ignored with message "Method TestMethod's signature is not correct: it must not have parameters.".  Also, ReSharper indicates similar error "nUnit test methods shouldn't have parameters" and suggest to automatically "Remove parameters from test methods".

Test runner sucessfully runs all tests and indicates their parameters.  I think it is wisely if Teamcity would has the same behavior.

I use TeamCity Enterprise 7.0.3 (build 21424).  How can I configure Teamcity to run such tests?

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