Build and deploy native ISAPI/IIS Modules/Windows Services

I'm wondering if there is easy and elegant solution to deploy artifacts on  each successful build? I did some reading before posting this question. If you  are talking about deploying .net web application the life is easy.

but (un)fortunatelly I'm talking about native code which should be deployed on IIS as ISAP extention, IIS modules and bunch of windows services. the only  thing I found is this discussion which suggests to use MSI. it is a solution, but it means I have to create  installer project for each build configuration which would create an overhead and  honestly I'm not into this installers stuff.

Yes, I guess I can write some powershell script which will stop IIS on  target machine, copy DLLs, alter XML configuration file and restart the IIS but  I'm not sure this is the only and the most convenient way to do it in TC. Maybe  some use of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit will to it the right way?

So... any ideas?

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