Build suddenly has 'No Agents'

I have "Build A" with 8 dependencies.  If none of the dependencies need to be rebuilt, Build A usually starts right up.  However, if one of the dependencies needs to be built, I've seen twice where the Build Queue reports that Build A has no compatible agents.

Ironically, the Compatible Agents tab says:

  • Compatible agents (2)
  • Incompatible agents (0)

However, the Build Queue still reports:  Can run on:  No Agents

Does anyone know why this would happen?  Usually, if I just Run the build again ... it will work.


Edit: I'm using TeamCity Enterprise 7.1 (build 23907)

Edit: This thread looks similar to what I'm seeing:

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What message do you see in Time to start pop-up?
If the issue happens again, please send us teamcity-server.log.


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What kind of dependencies do you use? Do you have run on the same agent option enabled?


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