Build log skips some important parts with MSBuild script

I use fluentmigrator ( tool to do CI for my database sheme. Its runs via simple MSBuild task (task provided by MSBuildCommunity Tasks):

<Target Name="Migrate" DependsOnTargets="Build;Common">
    <Message Text="Starting FluentMigrator migration" />
      <Migrate Database="sqlserver2008"
              Timeout ="180"  

The problem is my TeamCity conf logs miss important part - logs of running migrations.

If i run my migrations via cmd its work fine and all migration logs available in console output. My build cmd script looks like as:

MSBuild.exe MyMigrations.csproj /t:Migrate

Console Output is:

  Starting FluentMigrator migration
[+] Using Database SqlServer2008 and Connection String Data Source=....
[+] Beginning Transaction
[+] Committing Transaction
[+] Task completed.

In TeamCity build conf  i used the same MSBuild command, but logs looks like:

[Migrations\MyMigrations.csproj.teamcity] Migrate (1s)
[Migrate] Starting FluentMigrator migration
Process exited with code 0
Publishing internal artifacts
[Publishing internal artifacts] Sending file
Build finished

So, i miss part with Beginning Transaction...

I have no idea hw to fix that. Migrator tool just writing message in console output, why TeamCity can`t recognize it, but recognize MSBuild messages fine?

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