How-to use Teamcity as a codereview/approve tool

Teamcity is a great tool.  I'm trying to use it for code reviews.  I really like the concept that when our developers have some changes ready to be reviewed, teamcity can compile, run unit tests, and then a reviewer can be given a URL to visually inspect the code.

Once they are done inspecting it --  I would really like to have a button the reviewer could press that would record the ID and the reviewers name.   

I've thought of two main approaches:

1)   Use the report tab functionality to have my code review builds produce a web page -- that web page would then have a button -- that would have some magic behind it.   The only problem there is that I don't see how to get the teamcity username (the reviewer)  to that webpage.  

2)  Have a "approve code review" run configuration that has a parameter that includes the identifier for the changes.  A reviewer simply kicks off that build configuration, selects the ID and an ant script goes off and does magic.     The problem with this solution is that my IDs are git HASH values and those are going to be a pain to type in.  So I would need to modify the build configuration parameters to include a pre-defined selection, and I don't see a way to do that via any rest interfaces.

Ultimatly -- the magic part will get the hash of the commit & a user identifier into a file on a server.  I could SSH or whatever to get it up there.  

Someone must have done something like this already --- no?

Thanks in advance...

-Eric Hubbard

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