Updating a C++ header file


We have both a Python script and a C# assembly that work hand in hand with CruiseControl to check-out (from Perfoce), modify and submit (to perforce) a C++ header file where we #define the version label:

#define FILE_VERSION        1,0,5,52


Those are used in the native resource file (.RC) and the modification is performed as the first step of the daily build.

I'd like to keep using TeamCity built-in features instead of relying on outside code (Python, C# or PowerShell) to create a build step to change to that header file. Any help would be much appreciated.


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For C# we provide AssemblyInfo Patcher build feature.
in case of Python you'll need to patch the files by the build script. Build number is a predefined parameter BUILD_NUMBER.

To commit changes to Version Control System within a build script, use agent-side source checkout mode.


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