Viewing other users 'Investigations'

As the administrator for our TeamCity server, I spend a lot of time sending 'investigations' to other users.
While it's simple enough to see my own investigations, I'd like to be able to view the investigation list of other team members to balance the load.

Is this possible?
Either via the REST API or as a standard TeamCity Web UI page would be suitable.


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Hi Jim,

At this time, it is only possible to see the investigations for each specific project (under Project's Investigations tab).
There is no global view for investigations.
At this time REST API does not provide access to investigation either.

You are welcome to post a new feature request into our issue tracker and note the issue here.

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Thanks Yegor,

I've raised a feature request there, and have marked your answer as helpful.


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Thank you.

Just for reference, the issue filed is


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