VS 2012 TeamCity plugin not detecting local changes

Even though I have modified local files, when I select TEAMCITY --> Remote Run (Local Changes) from the VS menu,I always get the 'No modified files found. Save all changes and refresh' message.

I'm logged in to the TeamCity administrator account via the VS addin.

I'm running VS 2012 with the 2012 addin on my development box, and running TFS2012 and TeamCity 7.1.1 on my build/vcs server.

Builds are running successfully against my team project. I've checked that the case of the VCS root URL matches the case of my local VS workspace.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

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I think I have identified the problem.

When I first enabled TFS support within the addin, there was a warning about a local mapping missing (in an unrelated solution). The mapping was missing as a result of a deleted team project, for which pending changes existed on my machine. Refreshing the local changes window removed the warning.

Once I cancelled the pending changes on my machine and re-enabled TFS support, no warning appeared and local changes were detected as expected.


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