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I am using the Command Line Remote Run Tool to start personal builds across a set of projects, each containing several configurations. I'm working on a plugin to display sets of build results but in the meantime I need to use REST to pull data and display results. I setup a dashboard page to display these results in a table that has one user submission per row and one configuration per column. Getting a page for VCS submissions was easy enough but I am having trouble associating the personal builds created from running the command line tool to their respective user submissions (modId) so I'm wondering how to approach this issue. Assigning a unique per-submission build number may work as a temporary hack but I haven't seen any way of doing this across projects. Using the time of submission is an option but I don't know if TC uses the time the request was made (same number for all configurations) or the time the build was queued (different number for each configuration).

For VCS changes I can get the modId's using the REST API by indicating a configuration which uses the VCS:


That gives me a list of changes with modId's and webUrl's. For personal builds I can't find a way to get the modId or the webUrl which looks something like this:


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Hi Mitchell,

Seems that currently to get the list of personal changes you can:
- get personal builds (via /app/rest/builds?locator=personal:true ),
- then get build's details,
- then follow href in the <changes> tag to get the list of changes
- and find the change with "personal:true" in thr URL

So basically, you can list all the personal builds and then group them by the personal changes via listing the changes and getting the personal ones.


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