Git user matching

Hey there.  I'm not even sure where to begin with this but we're not seeing any source changes (we use Git) getting mapped to TC users.  As a result, no email notifications are sent when someone breaks the build.  Here's our basic scenario using me as an example.  We use LDAP authentication (which I have no control over) which has my username as 'SchmidtT'.  On the Git side, it has my name as 'Tim Schmidt' and my email address ''.  The one thing that seems to match up is my email address, can I tell TC to match on that?  If so, how?

At the very least, even if the addresses don't match up (for example, someone uses their personal email address in their Git settings), is there a way I can tell TC to send an email anyway?


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So nobody knows how to make user matching work?  I would really love for TeamCity to be able to email users but I don't know how to make it work!


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