How should I move NuGet artifacts to a new TeamCity server?

We've been using TeamCity as a NuGet server with great success. Last week I migrated TeamCity to a new server machine. The database remained where it was on an external server. I copied the artifacts folder to the new server and I can see them all listed on the project configuration page. However, the old packages are not showing up in the NuGet package feed. What else do I need to do to get the new TeamCity server to list those old packages?

Other projects that depend on older versions of these packages are currently broken because they can't be found.

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NuGet packages are stored in build artifacts. What is missing after backup recovery was NuGet index.
Unfortunalety, we do not recreate the index on backup recovery (please post an issue for that at

There is a workaround to re-index finished builds. Please see
for more details


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