Configuration with multiple SVN branches

I have a SVN server that has multiple branches on it, e.g.

I have a single OS X build agent that I would like to use to build all of my branches. I would like to checkout source on the agent, and in such a away that the agent will not clobber one branch with another when it syncs different branches.

How should I set up my VCS root, and how should I configure my per-project checkout rules, in order to accomplish this? Concrete examples (perhaps building off the example above) would be most helpful!

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I'd be very interrested in a solution for this problem as well.

Further it would be nice to detect new branches automatically as possible wit a git vcs configuration.

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I'd like to ask you to not reopen threads which are over 6 years old. We have this feature request in our tracker:, please watch and vote for it. Also, on its comments there is a lenghty discussion on how to make it work, so please consider following the suggestions there.


In the meantime, you can configure a parameter on the URL to the path where the parameter reflects the branch, something like:

svn://<my_url>/reponame/%branch_name%, and then you can fill "branch_name" with the branch names through parameters. TeamCity will recognize this and handle it as branches, even though some of the features won't be available, as it's not native branch support.


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