Improving TC UI performance

During periods of high user activity, it can take 30-60 seconds to load a project page. The webpage displays the "Loading" dialog, and loads new build configurations at the rate of about one a second (for an uncached project). We have a lot of memory (16GB) dedicated to our TC server, and 4 CPUs, so it seems like the problem might be related to I/O. Are there any tips to help track down the bottleneck? What is the primary activity going on when someone loads a project/build configuration page? We are currently using network storage, but observed mostly the same level of slowdown with local storage. The CPU doesn't seem to be spending much time in IOWait, as far as we can tell.

Also, what is an appropriate setting to use for the size of the database connection pool, with somewhere on the order of 50-100 users during peak periods? We have a separate Oracle server we are using with TC. What is the best way to see if the database server is being overtaxed? The CPU load doesn't appear to be abnormally high, and only occasionally peaking around 70-80%.

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Please review our notes on investigating server slowness issues. Ususlly, several server thread dumps during the page load serve as a good start for the investigation.

Usually it does not make much sence to adjust any settings without specific reason concluded from the general monitoring tools or TeamCity diagnostics information.


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