TeamCity Server multithreaded performance

Hi all,

I'm wondering if the TeamCity server software can be run in a multithreaded way, as at the moment, I have an 8-core server but TeamCity only uses 1 core, and it's causing performance issues with the server software.
The Java process that hosts the TeamCity Server instance is running only on one of the 8-cores in the physical server, and I'd like for it to be able to use more cores if needed.

Any help or suggestions welcome.


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Hi Adam,

This is not the default behaviour for a Java process or TeamCity, we run it on a machine with 2 cores and it uses both. Possibly the Java process has been configured to only use 1 core, you don't say what OS you're using so it will be different for Windows, Linux and others.


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Hi Rod,

I did think it was suspicious. The TeamCity server is running JRE7 (1.7) 64-bit on Windows Server 2008 R2. I've checked the afinity rules for the Java process(es) and they're set to use all CPUs.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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