Setup Git for CI

Hi all.

I am very new to TeamCity and Git.
Does anybody have or know of any links that can provide me with step-by-step tutorial on how to setup TeamCity for CI?
So the conditions to checking in would be something like this:

1) Build the Solution --> If pass, go to step 2
2) RUn the unit tests --> If pass, go to step 3
3) Checkin code

Many thanks,

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Maybe I am wrong, but - TeamCity is used to build project, but there is no default functionality to check in it back to source control.
But, this could be easily realized by some sort of script, which will do checkin on 3rd step. TeamCity is intellegent enough to not start next step if previous have failed.

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have a look at teamcity documnetation: pre tested commit

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I managed to set it up.
Thank u for the support ;)


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