TeamCity - Cleanup Delayed Commit Info

In our company we are using TeamCity (7.1.2) for continuous integration.

Most of the time, when opening/changing solutions the TeamCity plugin starts acting up - it opens up to 20 modal dialogs, all with the title "Modality Frame" and on top of it a dialog telling me, that it is cleaning up delayed commit info.

See the attached screenshot for what I am looking at right now.

It is very frustrating to work this way, normally it only helps to restart visual studio - and even then very often the problems just start all over again.

What can be done about this?

Acutally I thought this would be already fixed in 7.1.2 - since it started with 7.1.



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I can confirm that I am having the same problem using version 7.1.618 of the plugin.
Its very frustrating to say the least, have to kill the VS process and restart.

/Joakim Fredriksson


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