dependencies not being updated prior to build

We are getting following message in the log file

for is invalid, transitive dependencies (if any) will not be available, enable debug logging for more details
[15:29:54]: [] [ERROR] COMPILATION ERROR : 
[15:29:54]: [] [ERROR] \BuildAgent\work\643bc6b26a9087ca\commons\src\main\java\com\rbsfm\style\commons\util\[9,48] cannot find symbol

and also the following message on the Maven2 tab on Teamcity

An error occurred during collecting Maven project information: Cannot find parent: for project: null:style-commons:jar:null for project null:style-commons:jar:null

and then the build fails with following error
[09:51:25]: [] [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
[09:51:25]: [] [ERROR] COMPILATION ERROR :
[09:51:25]: [] [INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
[09:51:25]: [] [ERROR] \BuildAgent\work\643bc6b26a9087ca\commons\src\main\java\com\rbsfm\style\commons\event\[19,38] cannot find symbol
[09:51:25]: [] symbol  : class BusinessRuleEvent

Can you please suggest the resolution to this

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