Upgrading from 4.5.5 to 7.1 Professional License - anything to be aware of?

Hi all,

It seems our company's version of TeamCity is a little behind the times !

I'd like to get us up to the latest version but am a little nervous doing the upgrade from such an old version. Are there any special steps I should do to perform this type of upgrade (eg, go from 4 to 5, then 5 to 6 then 6 to 7?) and will I need to do anything to my current build configurations to get them to work with the new version?

Any pointers most gratefully received.

If it helps, we have Team City installed on a server running Windows Server 2003, and the Team City database is installed in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. I wasn't involved with the original Team City installation, so don't know much more about it, but if there's any other information about our setup I can provide, I will have a look on the server to find out.

As an aside, I am also hoping to upgrade our License to the Enterprise License (budget approval permitting!), presume if we go ahead with that it would make sense to do the Professional license upgrade to 7 first, then do the upgrade to Enterprise?

Thanks very much in advance.


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Hi Sharon,

I upgraded our TeamCity server from 4.5.4 straight to 7.1 without a problem. I would recommend you backup the database and server configuration before upgrading. There are steps on the TeamCity documentation site, http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TCD7/Installation+and+Upgrade

Upgrading from Professional to Enterprise is just a matter of entering a license key on the Administation page, see the following page http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TCD7/Licensing+Policy.


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Hi Rod,

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.  That was exactly what I was after - someone else who had experience of performing exactly this upgrade.  Very happy to hear it was successful, hopefullly it'll be just as smooth a process for me too.  And yes definitely, I'll make sure everything is backed up first, so thanks for the link to the instructions.

I'll probably do the upgrade this side of Christmas, and I will post back how it went when I do to help anyone else it in the same position who comes across this thread.

Thanks again,

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Just wanted to come back to this thread to confirm I have successfully completed the upgrade this morning.

On the whole it was very easy. I did have to perform a manual backup as my old version of TeamCity didn't have a backup option in the web UI, but that was very straightforward.  The only issue I encountered with the install was that after the reinstallation the data directory location had re-set itself back to the default directory (we have the data directory on a separate drive), and I had to manually update the environment variable and restart the team city service to get the install back on track. Possibly I missed a configuration option during the installation, but I don't remember seeing it if I did.  After that though install went straight into upgrading the data structure without any problem, and everything came back up just fine.

Have tested a couple of the builds and everything appears to be working successfully and nothing is missing.

All in all then, pretty painless.

Now to convince my boss to pay for the Enterprise license, as we have run out of build configurations !



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