When trying to "import" MSTest trx file I get "No reports found for paths: "


I am trying to import an MSTest trx result file through something like

##teamcity[importData type='mstest\' path='....trx']

Just before that command I do a 'cat' of the path pointing to the .trx file and that does return the trx content, so it does look like the file is there.

Fwiw, the agent log files are attached.

All tips warmly appreciated!



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To be correct, there is an extraneous backslash in the orig.post.

What I meant is

##teamcity[importData type='mstest' path='....trx']

Sorry for that

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I did a bit more troubleshooting and the "problem" occurs when the mstest execution that creates the trx file that I want to load is done in a previous build run

In my specific case the tests are run asynchronously, so what I am trying to do is

1. Start a TC build that builds the test dll and then asynchronously starts the test run for that test dll
2. When the async test finished, it starts (through the REST api) a second TC build that does not build anything but should gather all async test results. The way I am trying to set this up is by writing out ##teamcity[importData type='mstest' ... strings. At that point the importData fails, saying

[21:35:58][Step 2/2] ##teamcity[importData type='mstest' path='w:/Main/CommonDoyle/PgxCppFiles/Doyle/TestCase/TestCase.trx']
[21:35:58][Step 2/2] Importing data from 'w:/Main/CommonDoyle/PgxCppFiles/Doyle/TestCase/TestCase.trx' with 'mstest' processor
[21:35:58][Step 2/2] MSTest report watcher
[21:35:58][MSTest report watcher] Watching paths:
[21:35:58][MSTest report watcher] w:\Main\CommonDoyle\PgxCppFiles\Doyle\TestCase\TestCase.trx
[21:35:58][Step 2/2] Process exited with code 0
[21:35:59][Step 2/2] MSTest report watcher
[21:35:59][MSTest report watcher] No reports found for paths:
[21:35:59][MSTest report watcher] w:\Main\CommonDoyle\PgxCppFiles\Doyle\TestCase\TestCase.trx
[21:35:59]Waiting for 1 service processes to complete

Can't really get my head around why that would not work, but perhaps someone else can help me out?

Many thanks!


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