How to hide or remove coverage.* artifacts

Hi All,

I have Java project build with a code coverage enabled. In result:

  1. there is a "Code coverage summary" section in "Overview" tab and "Code coverage" tab visible in build result, what is perfectly fine for me
  2. build artifacts includes coverage.ic, coverage.params and files... and I realy do not like to have such a files as artifacts

So, my question is: it is possible to hide or remove coverage.ic, coverage.params and files from build's artifacts and still have code coverage running?

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Rafal

Somewhere in your job, it is specified what goes into the artifact. Normally it is in the General Settings of the build configuration (Artifact path) or in the build script.
So find out where it is and exclude these files.

Ziv Shapira


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