How to include dotCover summary in notification email

I have started to use the the built in dotCover consolve to get Code Coverage when running my unit tests.

What I would like to do if possible is the following:
I have set up an email notification for every build, This email when it is sent out includes the number of unit tests passed, ignored, etc

What I would like to do is get the Code Coverage summary information included in this email if possible.

I have googled but most of the information that I have read is on how to configure what assemblies to test/ignore but not how to include the summary in the notification email.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Darren

AFAIK attachments are not supported in the notification templates. I had the same need and I added a step to the build configuration, that uses sendmail (we run on Linux) to get the report out as a seperate mail.
If you are using Windows, then find a command line tool to send mails, and add a "command line" step to your build to use it.

ziv shapira

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Thanks for that.

I am using the dotCover console that has been built into TeamCity since v6, so I am surprised that you cannot send out summary information as part of the notification emails.

I am using Windows so I will look into sending out emails as a seperate build step.



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