Artifact dependency from the same build configuration


I'd like to setup a build that will perform an incremental build.

For this, i'd like to store the build outputs as artifacts, and reuse them on every subsequent build (copy the latest artifacts to the build agent before starting the build).

I've tried to do this, but it seems i cannot setup artifact dependencies from the same build configuration.

For example, if i have a "Build Plugins" configuration that generates a collection of plugin DLLs, i cannot use these as a dependency for the same build configuration...

How can i overcome this limitaiton?


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The problem you're seeing, just a guess here, is due to having too many build agents for a build that doesn't run often enough or not long enough to warrant so many. This means there are agents that don't run the build very often getting assigned a build every once in a while and there are many changes they haven't built yet. A better solution might be to reduce the number of build agents available for that particular build so they build often and with fewer changes between builds.


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