Branch Specification Questions.

We are using the new Branch Specification feature for Mercurial in 7.1
It works pretty well.

A couple questions:

Is the minus(-) supported in this case (where the - is more specific than a plus)?


Originally, we defined our Branch Specification as:


but then couple of builds went on 1.25 and 1.19 (and failed), which we now want to exclude, because we don't want to fix way back there :)
The attached screenshot (for #3) is this case.
No matter what I try the still show in the Active Branches drop down.
Is this because they are in the build history?
As well, Is there any way to delete those specific builds from the history?

3) Why in the below screenshot is the project arrow and configuration arrow green?
Since Active branches is picked in the drop down, I would expect them to be red as there is a failed build in the list of Active branches.
When the tree is collapsed, it is impossible to determine the state of the build.

Thanks and great job on this feature.
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Hello, Scott.

1) Yes, minus is supported for described case.

2) By default branch is considered as active if:

  • it is present in VCS repository and has recent commits (i.e. commits with the age less than the value of teamcity.activeVcsBranch.age.days parameter, 7 days by default).
  • or it has recent builds (i.e. builds with the age less than the value of teamcity.activeBuildBranch.age.hours parameter, 24 hours by default).

These parameters can be redefined in file. See more details in the documentation.

3) Current behavior is that a build configuration status displays the status of the default branch.
You can vote for request TW-23414.


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