How to deploy php project to IIS?


I'm completely new to TeamCity.

Currently I'm using WebMatrix solely to publish a PHP project to IIS on our test/production servers. I'd like to automate this so a checkin to our test branch will have TeamCity automatically deploy to test IIS server and on a checkin to production branch TeamCity will checkout and wait for manual deploy command to deploy to production IIS server.

I have TeamCity checking out the code okay but for the life of me cannot find any information on how to get TeamCity to use Web Deploy to deploy to remote IIS server. I see no "deployment" configuration options. Most infromation I find relates to configuring MSBuild for this? I don't think this is applicable for PHP.

Anyway -

  1. Do I need to install IIS/Web Deploy on the TeamCity server machine?
  2. Will this make new deployment options available within TeamCity?
  3. Do I need to use MSBuild to create a Web Deploy .zip package for PHP?
  4. How do I exclude certain files from the deploy? Avoid changing certain files on the target server? Perform remote file/folder commands (delete, copy, move, rename) on the remote server during the deploy?
  5. Does anyone know of good documentation/resources for configuring this?


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