Reporting additional information for passed tests

I am developing a new unit testing tool for internal use at the company I work for. The tool produces results in NUnit format, and these are understood and shown by TeamCity well enough to use in production. There is however a barrier to adoption I need to overcome.

The previous unit test runner simply produces a massive log that the developers would look at, and search using commot text-processing tools. My new TC-integrated version provides the corresponding part of that log for failed tests, so a developer used to the old ways can just click on the failed test in TC, and get the same information that he would otherwise need to search the log for. So this part works rather well. But the story is different for tests that pass. TeamCity will report their list, but there does not seem to be an easy way of providing any additional information to a curious user, or perhaps a user who is willing to trust my tool not to make up a chunk of the build log but not so much when it comes to correctly reporting (just) whether a test has passed or failed.

I based the XML writer in my testrunner on the example here I tried using the descrription attribute (as a long shot), but it was not shown. I also tried nesting a <properties> schema in a passing <test-case> but that did not seem to make any difference either. Finally, I tried various random things such as nesting a <message> (which would be supported for a failed tests) and <reason> (which might possibly work for tests/testfixtures that could not be executed). But I still get just a list of passing tests and no additional information.

So, could someone possibly suggest an example XML file in NUnit format that would cause TeamCity to report additional information for passed tests? Ideally, something that behaves like <message> inside <failure> inside <test-case> would? Failing that, is it at all possible in TeamCity to report additional information for passing tests (using any XML format)?

Many thanks for your help, and sorry if there is somewhere I could RTFMed the answer.

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Anyone, please? Just knowing whether it's ever possible to get more information from a passing test than that it had passed would help. Many thanks.


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