Snapshot dependency from B -> A always triggers a build A


We have a couple of configurations, suppose they're called A and B.

Configuration 'A' creates certain artifcats that later must be re-used by configuration 'B'.
In addition, configuration A's VCS roots uses branches (all are monitored by TeamCity).

In order to allow configuration B to pick up artifacts based on the correct branch, it was advised that this configuration not only must set build A as artifact dependencies, but also define a snapshot dependency on build A.

The issue is, that this seems to always trigger a build of A whenever building B.

Why is this needed? Can this be avoided?

There should be an earlier suitable build of A (with same sources) that was already built and artifacts created for it.. Why should another build be kicked, just to run configuration B?


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Have you specified the option to "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one"? Could you also indicate what is the policy to get the artifact as configured in artifact dependencies (check "Get artifacts from:" option)? Please specify on which Teamcity version you see this.



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