Artifacts are not loaded by "Last finished build with specified tag" from the non-"default" branch.

I have two build configurations where the first loads data from the second as Artifact Dependency by specified tag. I am running TeamCity 7.1.4.

I do not manage to load artifacts by tag if the dependency is not from <default> branch. Please note, artifacts from <default> branch build are succefully loaded by tag.

Extraction from Build Log: "Failed to download []" - for a build from branch "bugfix1" and tagged with "branch-bugfix1"
Hovewer I successfully get result by URL [] - if "dev" is default branch and build has tag "branch-dev"

After I add a new tag to any build from default branch - I see the appropriate teamcity-ivy.xml immediately. For any other branch - the teamcity-ivy.xml is not available.
I assume there is a problem with creation of ivy config/data in the described scenario.

Please advise how I can solve my problem. Thanks!

Best regards,

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