Using the integrated DotCover for code hosted in IIS Express (while the Nunit runner is the client)

I have a unit test that dynamically starts IIS express and uses the WatIn libraries to run Internet Explorer and execute some GUI tests (these are not unit tests, but full integration tests).

Is it possible to tell DotCover to ignore the Nunit test process and monitor the IIS Express process instead. It's the server side code-coverage that we're interested in.

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This scenario does not supported out of the box in TeamCity.
You could implement it in the following way
- check dotCover docs on how to gather coverage data for IIS process
- start dotCover.exe explicitly from your build
- seport generated dotCover spapshot into TeamCity. See

Please note, in order to get working snapshot, you should stop IIS process (and not terminate it)


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