Get custom parameter value from dependency configuration

Hi all, it's my first post.  I love TeamCity so far, but now I'm running into a small problem.

I have a build chain set up, and one of the configurations uses two configuration parameters that are set to "Prompt", meaning I want the user to enter them every time a build is run.  We'll call this configuration A.

Now I also have configuration B that is dependent on configuration A, and needs to retrieve those custom values that were set in the build of configuration A.  However, when I try to do this (by accessing, I get the default value, not the one entered by the user.  In other words, I get the value that is explicitly stated in the build configuration, not the override value entered in the run prompt.

Is this a bug, or is it intended?  Is there another way to do this? (Pass a custom value down the build chain)

Thank you,

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I've found out more information on this.  It seems that the fetching changes step happens before dependency parameters are available, so if you use a build parameter in the VCS root (in my case, git) that itself references a dependency parameter, you will not get the value you want.  This seems like a bug or an oversight.  I would think dependencies should be resolved before this step.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding something?


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