TeamCity cmake plugin problem

I've recently installed cmake plugin for TeamCity on Ubuntu x86 and can't get it working. Configure step outputs the following:

[10:26:52]Step 1/6: configure debug (CMake configure)
[10:26:52][Step 1/6] cannot locate commands launcher (env variable SHELL missing)
[10:26:52][Step 1/6] Step configure debug (CMake configure) failed with unexpected error

What can it be? My command line target for cmake configuration works well. I've attached cmake build step configuration page.

Screenshot from 2013-03-16 10:37:42.png
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Hi Dmitry,

Sorry for late answer.

Looks like build environment does not have a SHELL variable.
If you sure about currently used shell, you may set it to "/bin/bash"in build configuration variables page, like:
That shell will be used for executing cmake inside that shell for better output redirecting.

Also you may check that TeamCity agent started in right environment (uses .bashrc, .bash_profile, etc) (if you use it as daemon).


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