How to automate Qt Projects requiring user input?

Hello Fellow TeamCity Users!

I'm new to TeamCity and still gaining my bearings in using this great tool.  But, I've come to a bump in the road that is more than likely due to my lack of familiarity with TeamCity.  My problem is that our team has developed a lot of reference software using the Qt framework and we want to automated the builds of our software on a nightly basis, but I'm can quite figure out how to integrate TeamCity with the Qt/qmake build system.  Another problem is that our Qt *.pro files prompt the user for input upon execution of qmake, and I can't seem to figure out how to get TeamCity to answer yes/no to those prompts.

Does anyone have experience integration Qt-base projects with TeamCity, as well as getting TeamCity to answer command-line input prompt?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated since this has brought my work to a halt.


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