How to automate Qt Projects requiring user input?


Hello Fellow TeamCity Users!

I'm new to TeamCity and still gaining my bearings in using this great tool.  But, I've come to a bump in the road that is more than likely due to my lack of familiarity with TeamCity.  My problem is that our team has developed a lot of reference software using the Qt framework and we want to automated the builds of our software on a nightly basis, but I'm can quite figure out how to integrate TeamCity with the Qt/qmake build system.  Another problem is that our Qt *.pro files prompt the user for input upon execution of qmake, and I can't seem to figure out how to get TeamCity to answer yes/no to those prompts.

Does anyone have experience integration Qt-base projects with TeamCity, as well as getting TeamCity to answer command-line input prompt?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated since this has brought my work to a halt.



I have faced with this issue too and it seems that there is no way



Unfortunately, there is no dedicated support for qmake in TeamCity at the moment. To automate the builds that require the user input, you will need to ensure they can be automated using the command line first, and then use Command Line runner in TeamCity to run the build.



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