Where does TeamCity copy newly retrieved file from new changeset of TFS?


I am new to TeamCity and CI concept, so excuse me for basic questions. I am exploring TeamCity for continuous integration solution.

Here is some information about my environment:

  • We use TFS 2010 for source control and Visual Studio 2010 for development. So far we use Visual Studio 2010 for regular manual deployment.
  • Source code is stored in "C:\SourceData", and Team Foundation Server is mapped to "C:\SourceData".
  • "C:\SourceData" contains project and solution files.

  • I installed TeamCity 7.1 on one our TFS server. I linked TFS to the TeamCity as VCS root. TFS server and TeamCity server are the same machine.
  • I also created build project and mapped with the relevant VCS root. Trigger is configured to run the project as someone check in the changes.
  • Working directory in the build project is same as "C:\SourceData"

I have few questions about this process, that I did not get answer on the internet.

Q1. When changes are detected and build project start running, Where does TeamCity copy newly retrieved file from new changeset (Get Latest file from TFS) of TFS?
After build project successfully finished, checked in file (updated file) does not appear to be updated in the "C:\SourceData".

For example:
User-1 changed "test text" to file1.cs in "C:\SourceData" and checked in.
Build Agent detects the checked-in changes and starts getting latest files and building the project. However, change does not appear in the file stored in mapped location "C:\SourceData". Neither last modified date gets changed. So where does latest file get stored?

Thanks in anticipation.

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