Incompatible Agent - Command Line

Setup is as follows:

- TeamCity server setup on one server
- Mac Mini is setup as my build agent to build XCode Porject runner (So build agent is on separate server)
- Basic Xcode runner configurations runs just fine.

The Problem:

I try to add a "Command Line" build step to my existing configurations.  The minute I do this, my build agent (mac mini) jumps to the Incompatible Agent Pool.  As seen in screen capture, it states:

"Implicit requirements: Y defined....."

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 4.36.46 PM.png

It seems I need to setup my build agent (via the file) to somehow allow this type of functionality?  I just don't know how this is done.  Do I do this manually on the build agent server? Do I need to have an admin do something via the TeamCity server?

Any help in getting this to run would be great!



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hi    Try looking at a job that worked, in the "Build Parameters" tab. See what is the value of Y and also show that definition of the new command line step.

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