Does a command line runner job require a VCS root?



I'm evaluating TeamCity, and I come from a Jenkins background.

In Jenkins, I can create a job that does nothing more than call out to a shell script.  Such a job requires no VCS root.  Does TeamCity support the same concept?  Or must a TeamCity job *always* be associated with a VCS root?  If it does not require a VCS root, an example would be much appreciated.


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No, you can run command line tools/scripts which are installed on the agent without a VCS root (just skip the VCS step definition). You require a VCS root when the script you want to run should be checked-out from source control. If you describe your requirement, then it can be easier to help you.
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So like the above example, I want to run some scripts/commands which are not in any VCS but kicking off the build using command line run tool. But Command line run tool requires VCS mapping file. Is there any way to run it without mapping file or a dummy mapping file?




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