Gain access to git log on agent

The teamcity server does all the git communication. The file area on the agent is a flat copy of the git database as of the commit currently being built.

I have a need to look into the git history on the build agent. There are a variety of reasons to do this, one might be to generate a readme or fixed-log at the time of building. Another to calculate statistics of top comitters or even use the last commit message as build status on completion.

For most needs I can dream up the problem would be solved if the build agent received a textfile similar to the ouput of "git log --oneline" and the location of this textfile is specified in an environment variable (maybe one per VCS root). To top it up it would be really great if I could specify a format string to go with --pretty:format.

It would obviously be up to the scripts on the agent to determine what to do with the file, how to parse it and so on.

My question is: Is this already available? Is it possible to add this functionality on the server I have (TeamCity 7.1.3)? Is it a feature that can make it into a future release?

Best regards,

--Jesper Hogstrom

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Hi Jesper,

The most direct way to get data from git on the agent is to use agent-side checkout and then run all the necessary git commands from the build script. Did you consider the approach?


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